Sailors rescued by Baltimore lifeboat


The Baltimore inshore lifeboat in Co Cork was called into service twice last night and rescued four sailors after two vessels got into distress in bad weather.

The first alarm was raised at about 8.15pm. A yacht dragging its anchor in Church Strand called for assistance while winds were freshening to force 7 from the southwest with heavy rain and poor visibility, a spokeswoman said.

Helmsman John Kearney and crew members Micheal Cottrell and Ronan Calnan provided assistance to the lone yachtsman, helped to secure the vessel and escorted her back to Baltimore harbour.

At 10.40pm, the lifeboat was called to give assistance to a rib that had gone aground on a rocky shore following engine failure.

There was one man and two children on board at the time.

The inshore lifeboat was launched again under the direction of helmsman John Kearney and crew Paul O'Driscoll and Tadhg Collins. Again the lifeboat was able to secure the safety of the vessel and passengers, the spokeswoman said.