Dublin school children try to break ‘pat on the back’ world record

Guinness World Record attempt includes students from several southside schools

824 Dublin students formed a chain of people patting each other on the back for the Guinness Book of Records. The event run by Willow Park Parents Association raised funds for Dogs For The Disabled. Video: Bryan O’Brien & David Branigan/Oceansport


As many as 1,000 south Dublin school children will attempt to break a world record for the longest chain of people patting each other on the back later today.

English students from Leicester Grammar Junior set the current record in June 2018, with a chain of 329 students patting each other on the back.

The effort to beat the current Guinness World Record will include students from Willow Park, Blackrock College, and St Andrew’s College.

The world record attempt will take place on the front lawn of Blackrock College from 1pm on Thursday.

To break the record, the line of students will have to pat each other on the back continuously for 30 seconds. The record attempt will be photographed and videoed, with a drone taking an overhead shot of the line as well. As per Guinness World Record rules, the attempt will also be verified by independent observers.

The record attempt was organised by Willow Park Parents Association.

Principal of Willow Park junior school, James Docherty said “the children are coming to the end of their school year and this is a nice way to end the year.”

The students have fundraised ahead of the record attempt, with money donated to Dogs for the Disabled, a charity that provides trained assistance dogs to children and adults with disabilities.