Kurd who held knife to gardai is to be deported


A Kurd who believed English and Turkish spies were trying to kill him is to be deported to Turkey at his own request.

The Dublin Circuit Criminal Court was told that Haci Sari (24), with an address at North Circular Road, Dublin, had brandished a knife at gardai and a messenger at the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform at 8 a.m. on November 14th last while in a hysterical state. He also kicked in a glass panel in a door.

Sari pleaded guilty to having a knife, causing criminal damage and assaulting Sgt Denis Palmer, Garda Derek Kelly and the messenger, Mr Frank McBride. The proceedings were translated for Sari.

Sgt Palmer said he did not, at any time, believe Sari would have assaulted the gardai with the knife. Sari was so "highly excited" he was saturated in sweat even though he was shirtless on a very cold morning.

Sgt Palmer said Sari handed over the knife after 45 minutes of negotiations with himself and Garda Kevin Keane and Garda Kelly and made a full statement through an interpreter following his arrest. He had no previous convictions and was fully co-operative since.

Judge Cyril Kelly said Sgt Palmer should be highly complimented for his sympathetic evidence and fair handling of the case as exemplified by his evidence.

Mr Ricardo Dourado, defending, said he had contacted Sari' s parents who were anxious to have their son home. Sari apologised to everyone for his behaviour.

Mr Dourado suggested that the case could be met by a suspended sentence and an order of deportation. It would be in Sari's own interest to be deported, he added.

Judge Kelly said he would adopt Mr Dourado's suggestion and accept that Sari's offending was out of character. He noted Sari had worked long hours in a fast-food shop and sent money home to his ailing parents.

Earlier, Sgt Palmer agreed with prosecuting counsel that the assault charges consisted of Sari waving the knife about. The court was told Sari had formed a relationship with an Irish woman on holiday with her family in Turkey. Her family had sent him ú500 to come to their Co Derry home last April.

The relationship soured and he spent some time in England before returning to Co Derry. He spent only one day there before moving to Dublin where he worked long hours in a fast-food shop to send money home.

Sgt Palmer said that about 8 a.m. on November 14th last, Sari took a taxi intending to go to a Garda station because he was not feeling well. The taxi-driver, who had an English accent, inquired where he came from.

"He believed the taxi-man was an English spy. He told gardai he ran from the taxi to the Department of Justice office because he was afraid English and Turkish spies had followed him and were trying to kill him," said Sgt Palmer.

Sari was roaring out "bastards, English and Turkish spies are trying to kill me" when he ran into the building followed by Garda Kelly, who tried to calm him. All Sari demanded while brandishing the knife was that his former girlfriend be contacted.

Sgt Palmer said she had confirmed to gardai the truth of his statement about their relationship. He had been in custody since the incident but never made any complaints about this or caused any trouble.