Sunny weather set to extend into next week – then back to rain

Bank holiday weather ‘not looking great’ says Met Éireann

A temperature map for midday Sunday. Image:

A temperature map for midday Sunday. Image:


Ireland looks set to bask in what counts as a heatwave here until the middle of next week before a more familiar depression sweeps across the country bringing the unsettled and colder conditions people are more acclimatised to.

“It’s a pity the weekends can’t be reversed,” Met Éireann forecaster Jean Byrne said, noting although the days ahead will be pleasant the bank holiday weekend “is not looking great”.

On Saturday temperatures will climb above 20 degrees and may reach 22 degrees in some parts of the country over the weekend – figures that Ms Byrne said were higher than normal for this time of year.

However, she cautioned people against losing the run of themselves. “It is good for the next few days, but I wouldn’t go overboard on the temperatures. They are above normal for early June, but 20 degrees is not exactly high.”

As the day progresses on Saturday lingering clouds will break up with dry and sunny spells developing in most areas, but a few scattered light showers may pop up in the unluckiest of spots.

It will be much the same story across the country on Sunday, while Monday is also set to be dry and mainly sunny with temperatures reaching 20 degrees inland.

The news is even more promising for Tuesday, and it looks like being warmer with temperatures reaching as high as 22 degrees inland, although it may be cooler in coastal areas.

A few showers are likely to develop in the west in the afternoon where it may turn cloudier later.

Taking its lead from the Atlantic coast, the uncertain weather increases everywhere from the middle of the week when the progress of a depression northwards over the country looks set to bring rain.

At the moment Wednesday is set to start out dry with the warm and sunny conditions persisting through the morning, but cloud and rain will develop on the south coast and extend northwards through the afternoon and evening.

“After that it gets dodgier,” Ms Byrne said. “We will be back to very unsettled weather and the bank holiday is not looking great with temperatures set to fall back to between 14 degrees and 17 degrees with the Atlantic taking over in the second half of the week.

“It mightn’t be miserable but it just won’t be as good as the next couple of days,” she said.