No safety net: Young man videos himself scaling Poolbeg chimney

Security increased at site as footage shows man scaling 200m tower without harness

The ESB says it has increased security at the Poolbeg chimneys in Dublin after footage emerged of a man free-climbing the structure before filming himself at the top of one of the chimneys. VIDEO: OJ Adventures (Youtube)


The ESB says it has increased security at the Poolbeg chimneys after footage emerged of a man free-climbing the structure.

The seven minute-long YouTube clip uploaded last month shows the man running through the largely abandoned complex in Ringsend before beginning his ascent up the 200-metre tower.

The video shows him beginning the climb by scrambling over spiked metal railings and tugging on what appear to be electrical cables while hauling himself upwards.

After scaling metal footholds on the side of the chimney, the first-person footage shows the climber, who claims to be 17 in the comments section below the video, standing and sitting on the edge of the capped summit and concentrating on his phone as he walks across the top.

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‘Totally illegal’

Responding to the video, a spokeswoman for the ESB said the act is “totally illegal” and “very dangerous”.

She said the site is guarded by security which has since been beefed up following a review, and gardaí have been alerted about the film.

It appears on an account called OJ Adventures which has over 2,000 subscribers, and features clips of the amateur thrillseeker, who goes by the name ‘Oliver’, scaling similar structures across Europe.

He does not disclose his full name or nationality, but can clearly be identified in a ‘selfie’ video taken atop the so-called Pigeon House towers.

The clip has so far been watched over 11,000 times, and a blurb below it reads: “I wanted to visit this amazing place and climb the famous chimneys in Dublin. I went out to the old and abandoned place one day, climbed over fences, jumped over walls and explored this awesome place.”

He goes on to say he could be “easily seen” as the climb was performed during the day, and that it was done without any safety equipment.

The spokesman for the ESB expressed concern that the video may prompt copycat stunts, and sought to remind viewers that the site is private property and trespassers will be prosecuted.