New pedestrian group calls for cyclists to wear identity badges while in motion

Footpaths and pavements throughout Ireland in need of urgent repair, says group

A newly formed group aimed at protecting the rights of pedestrian could be on a collision course with cyclists after it published what amounts to a manifesto calling for commuters on two wheels to wear “identity badges while in motion”.

At an inaugural meeting held in Dublin's Buswell's Hotel, this week the Pedestrian Rights Organisation also said more fines should be imposed on cyclists who use pedestianised streets and footpaths.

The group called for “the deplorable state of footpaths in [Dublin] to be addressed” with more attention given “to design of footpaths to ensure their durability”.

The group also said the safety of pedestrians “should come ahead of cosmetic considerations and that when pavement slabs are damaged that they [should be] repaired immediately”.

It added that footpaths and pavements in many other towns and cities throughout Ireland are equally in need of urgent repair.

It said more pedestrian crossings and pedestrian bridges should be constructed throughout the country and more consideration be given “to the essential requirements of pedestrians when new roads are being constructed”.

It also wants the time durations at pedestrian crossings to be extended to allow sufficient time for elderly or disabled people to cross in safety and for the “widespread fouling of footpaths by dogs be taken more seriously by local authorities” with more severe penalties introduced and enforced against dog owners who disregard the existing bylaws

The group has called for fixed charged notices against people who cycle “without reasonable consideration” or proceeding into a pedestrianised street and said cyclists and users of electric scooters should be required to wear identity badges while in motion.

It also wants fines to be introduced to stop cyclists from cycling on footpaths, with an exception to allow children under the age 12 to cycle to school.

Among the other measures it believes are necessary to make the State a better place for pedestrians are bus shelters to encourage more people to use public transport and better pedestrian access in all places of business if people arrive by public transport.

Conor Pope

Conor Pope

Conor Pope is Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Pricewatch Editor and cohost of the In the News podcast