In praise of...Pierre Paul Cayer

Pensioner who has embarked on walk around the world began European leg of trip in Ireland

''I'm walking around the world and just landed in Ireland''


A pensioner who calls himself “the dream walker” and who has embarked on an expedition to walk around the world began his European leg of the trip in Ireland this week.

Pierre Paul Cayer from Canada has already walked across his native country from Vancouver to St John’s, Newfoundland, and from the tip of North America at the Arctic Ocean down to the tip of South America at Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

Cayer is just over two years into the expedition, and hopes to complete it in the next five.

“I am walking around the world – a little walk around the world,” he told The Irish Times in Dublin city centre yesterday after walking from Dublin Airport.

Pushing a buggy filled with his belongings and bedecked in the Canadian colours, he said he had undertaken the challenge “for the love and passion for adventure”.

“I am going to be crossing Europe for five years and I am starting with Ireland – the beautiful and romantic Ireland. I already walked from Dublin Airport to the beloved city of Dublin this morning, and I’m on my way to Cork now.

“From there I will go to Belfast before I head for Scotland. I will take the ferry from Belfast to Scotland. After that I will go to England, then to Wales, and then back to England to the port city of Dover.

“I will be in Calais, France, and after that I will go to Switzerland and Luxembourg. I will also go to the Netherlands and Germany, and I will spend five or six months in western Europe. I will do all the countries – up and down western Europe.”

He said he intends to cover the continent of Africa as well as countries New Zealand, Australia, Russia and China during his travels.

Mr Cayer, who said he lives by the mantras that “life starts at 65” and “you don’t choose a life – you live one”, said he would like Irish people who come across him to take photographs and send them to his Facebook account.