Dublin Zoo welcomes the birth of a baby oryx

The new arrival is a member of a species which is considered to be extinct in the wild

Dublin Zoo has welcomed a new baby oryx.

The male scimitar-horned oryx was born at the zoo on December 8th, 2016.

The scimitar-horned oryx is considered to be extinct in the wild by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The new arrival brings the total number of scimitar-horned oryx at the zoo to four.


Speaking after the birth, African Plains team leader Helen Clarke-Bennet said: “We are absolutely thrilled with the new arrival and recognise the significance of this birth in the conservation of the scimitar-horned oryx.

“The calf has shown strong signs of settling into its new surroundings and is mixing extremely well with the rest of the herd.”

Dublin Zoo had a record number of visitors in 2016, with more than 1 million people visiting the attraction during the year.