Donald Clarke's weekly movie quiz

Donald Clarke's weekly teasers for movie buffs.

Donald Clarke's weekly teasers for movie buffs.


Donald Clarke's weekly teasers for movie buffs.


1. Which hit features a tiger named Richard Parker?

2. What creature has a structural perfection "matched only by its hostility"?

3. Brian DePalma, Stanley Kubrick and George Romero were the first three directors (later followed by many more) to do what?

4. Hayley Mills (1961), Jeremy Irons (1988), Lindsay Lohan (1998), Nicolas Cage (2002). What’s the connection?

5. Gone with the Wind, Avatar, Star Wars, Titanic, The Sound of Music (in that order). What’s the list?

6. Who links Mika, Lisa Fremont and the House of Grimaldi?

7. Name the actor and director (photo)

8. At a laptop in Twilight. Wrestling referee in The World According to Garp. TV reporter in Jaws. At a party in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. What’s the connection?

9. Which films features a heist carried out by Cobb, Arthur, Ariadne, Eames and others?

10. How many Oscars for best feature animation has the Walt Disney Animation Studios won?


1. Life of Pi

2. The alien in Alien

3. Adapt Stephen King’s work into theatrical features (Carrie, The Shining, Creepshow)

4. All played twins (The Parent Trap, Dead Ringers, The Parent Trap, Adaptation)

5. Biggest films at the world box-office adjusted for inflation

6. Grace Kelly (song “Grace Kelly”, character in Rear Window, married into)

7. Cameos by writers of the source novel. (Stephenie Meyer, John Irving, Peter Benchley, John le Carré)

8. John Cassavetes

9. Inception

10. None. (Pixar is owned by Disney, but is a separate studio.)