Doherty challenges Minister to 'face-to-face' debate


SINN FÉIN spokesman on finance Pearse Doherty has challenged Minister for Finance Michael Noonan to debate “face-to-face” on the treaty. He accused Taoiseach Enda Kenny of having “run away” from a TV3 debate with Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams.

“I ask Minister Noonan to come out and debate these issues. It’s very clear now that Enda Kenny has run away from the debates with our leader, the leader of the No campaign, Gerry Adams.

“So it’s about time maybe the Minister for Finance came out and debated, and I challenge him to a debate and let’s deal with these issues face to face, talking about the real pressures that people are under and talking about the real factors that are driving this economy into recession.”

Mr Doherty said Mr Noonan was “very good at the soundbites”. Not very long ago he was talking about the economy “taking off like a rocket”.

Meanwhile TV3 broadcaster Vincent Browne has described Mr Kenny’s decision not to take part in the debate with Mr Adams as “disappointing and annoying”.

Mr Kenny declined to take part in the debate despite TV3’s offer to put its political editor, Ursula Halligan, forward as moderator instead of Mr Browne.