Gardaí will pursue Adrian Donohoe’s killers ‘to ends of the earth’

Officers renew appeal for help on fifth anniversary of Co Louth detective’s murder

Some of the men who murdered Det Garda Adrian Donohoe five years ago have left the country, a senior officer leading the investigation into the killing has said.

However, Chief Supt Christy Mangan insisted this would not stop gardaí pursuing those responsible "to the ends of the earth".

Speaking on the fifth anniversary of the shooting dead of Det Garda Donohoe in a botched credit union robbery in Lordship, Co Louth, Chief Supt Mangan made a plea to those he believed were shielding the killers from justice.

“I am speaking to you in particular – the family and friends of these people who were involved in the murder – your mind will never have peace until you tell the truth of what happened to Adrian. It is not too late to do the right thing,” he said.


He also said the Garda pursuit of the suspects would never end.

“Some are in the country, some have left the country and sought protection in other jurisdictions,” he said. “That does not prevent us following them to the ends of the earth and we certainly will.”

Chief Supt Mangan added the men who killed Det Garda Donohoe, a father of two, “have no doubt received logistical and emotional support from their family and friends”.

Det Garda Donohoe, he said, lived within minutes of where he died, a fact that meant the community was deeply impacted.


“He left his home to go to work as a garda to help protect and serve the community in Co Louth. Just a few hours later, many lives were left shattered and Adrian’s life was over.”

Det Garda Donohoe and Det Garda Joe Ryan were about to begin an armed cash escort when they were ambushed on the night of Friday, January 25th, 2013. They had pulled into the car park of Lordship Credit Union intending to escort staff and cash to the night safe in nearby Dundalk.

A car pulled across the exit of the car park, blocking it. Det Garda Donohoe got out of his car and as he did he was shot in the head. Those responsible fled over the Border into south Armagh, where they are from. Nobody has been charged in relation to the murder.

Chief Supt Mangan said the investigation had involved the Garda liaising with the PSNI, the UK police authorities and forces around the world.

Acting Garda Commissioner Dónall Ó Cualáin said the key to solving the "callous and brutal murder" was in the local community and, most particularly, among those who know who the killers are.

“They must now ask themselves whether they can after five years continue to protect people who are prepared to murder a garda in cold blood,” he said.

The Irish League of Credit Unions has offered a reward of €50,000 for information that leads to any arrest and prosecution in respect of the murder.