Gardaí investigating after shots fired from moving vehicle

Feud link examined after incident in Mulhuddart, Dublin, at 9.30pm on Tuesday

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said a feud in the area was of concern to the force at present.

Gardaí are investigating reports that a number of shots were fired towards a moving vehicle in Dublin on Tuesday night.

The incident occurred on Church Road, Mulhuddart, at about 9.30pm. Garda were trying to establish if shots were fired from one moving car towards another but missed their target or of shots may have been fired from both vehicles in the direction of the other.

The area has witnessed an increase in gangland feuding of late, while Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said a feud there was of concern to the force at present.

Detectives believe a man in his early 20s who has been involved in the feuding between two rival groups in the Blanchardstown and Mulhuddart areas, focussed on the Corduff housing estate, may have been the gunman’s target.


However, the man was not injured in what gardaí suspect was an attempt on his life.

The feud has resulted in a number of shootings and petrol bomb attacks recently. And while there have been no fatalities to date, gardaí believe lives will be taken in the violence.

While two gangs from the general Blanchardstown area are involved in the drugs feud, a third gang from nearby Finglas has also joined the violence.

A vehicle found burnt out in Finglas late on Tuesday night is believed to have been the getaway car used by the attackers in what gardaí believe was a botched murder attempt.

Conor Lally

Conor Lally

Conor Lally is Security and Crime Editor of The Irish Times