Ryanair passengers forced to spend night on Beauvais airport floor

Paris flight to Dublin landed more than 13 and half hours late

Many passengers of Ryanair’s 11.30pm Paris Beauvais to Dublin flight took to social media to vent their frustration.

Many passengers of Ryanair’s 11.30pm Paris Beauvais to Dublin flight took to social media to vent their frustration.


Hundreds of Dublin-bound Ryanair customers were forced to spend the night in Paris on Sunday after a last minute flight cancellation.

Many passengers of the 11.30pm Paris Beauvais to Dublin took to social media to vent their frustration at the airline, which was accused of failing to convey information to those affected, as well as failing to supply hotel rooms and vouchers for meals in a timely manner.

The flight eventually landed in Dublin at 12.41pm on Monday, more than 13 and half hours late.

One customer said passengers were “herded like cattle off the plane to wait for any updates” before being “made to wait in huge lines for two hours”.

“Flight cancelled from Paris to Dublin at 11.30pm due to rubbish on the runway. Two hours on the plane waiting.”

The passenger said “hundreds of adults” were forced to spend the night next to conveyer belts in the baggage reclaim area, “as we are told there are no more hotel rooms left”.

The individual posted photographs of the scene which showed temporary beds with metallic foil covers. Long queues inside the terminal were also photographed.

“Told we need to sleep in baggage claim and set up our own temporary beds,” continued the customer. “No food given, no information given either. Fall asleep in the freezing baggage claim area to the sounds of tears and snoring.

“Offered one cup of tea as our ‘meal’ after we are kicked out of the luggage claim. Airport security cop the brunt of people’s abuse as nobody from Ryanair seen from since last night.”

Another customer said: “Now 12 hours late, night spent on floor in Beauvais airport and no word on what is happening?”

“‘Sleeping’ to the sound of those emergency blankets crinkling all night long,” complained another.

Another said: “Ryanair have finally got our vouchers but many people with kids still waiting.

“The slowness 1) The process of matching names off against a list and 2) Lack of expertise at the desk. It might be an idea to get some help to that poor one lady trying to cover 100 passengers?”

Another tweeted: “Chaos at Beauvais Airport because of delayed Ryanair flight from yesterday. No plans whatsoever. Everyone sleep deprived after sleeping beside luggage carousels.”

Another passenger tweeted that the replacement flight on Monday was also delayed. “Now told our replacement flight from Ryanair has been delayed another two hours. Hopeless.”

A spokeswoman for Ryanair said hotel accommodation was “authorised”.

“This flight from Paris Beauvais to Dublin was delayed ahead of take-off due to a minor technical issue,” she said.

“Overnight hotel accommodation was authorised and customers were provided with six sets of refreshment vouchers. The flight departed to Dublin this morning.”