Aneta at the till in Lidl used her card to pay for my shopping

Pricewatch reader tells of excellent customer service in Lidl

Pricewatch was feeling pretty glum after looking into all the other stories we have highlighted today. By any measure they were three pretty horrendous examples of appalling customer service and we were starting to despair.

In fact we were just about done for the day when we got a mail from a reader which warmed our heart and made us feel better about the world.

It comes from Jill Forbes.

"I thought it might be worth telling you of a positive encounter in Lidl Deansgrange during Christmas week," the mail starts. "On completing my shop, I found I did not have a credit card and only €20 cash on me to pay just under €70," she continues.


“Aneta on the till, who did not know me from Adam, seeing my predicament immediately offered to use her own credit card and pay without any conditions. I promised to call in and pay the following day. There was no reason for her to do this but she did and saved me great distress. Now that’s customer service. Thank you Aneta.”

This has to be one of the soundest customer service stories we have ever come across and should stand as a shining example for companies everywhere.

If you empower your staff and allow them to do the right thing, you will get your reward. So hats off to Lidl and to Aneta, a woman who clearly deserves a raise!