‘Where the F**K IS MY LUGGAGE!?’: Stormy Daniels lets fly at Aer Lingus

‘Warning! Never fly @AerLingus ... ALL of my bags were lost,’ adult film star complains

Stormy Daniels let fly at Aer Lingus on Thursday after the adult-film actress became separated for several hours from her luggage.

The pornstar-stripper and author of Full Disclosure, who has become a stroppy and entertaining thorn in the side of US president Donald Trump, tweeted on Thursday morning "Warning! Never fly @AerLingus I flew business class(this airline doesn't have 1st class)&ALL of my bags were lost.I can get no answers or help.I gave myself over 24hr before my important lecture just in case but now it appears I STILL have to cancel because I have none of my stuff"

An hour later, she tweeted @aerlingus again, asking “Where the FUCK IS MY LUGGAGE!? Flew 10 hours to give a speech and cannot do that without any of my things.”

So what was she doing on Aer Lingus and is she speaking publicly in Ireland? Following the clues in the tweets and replies, we discover that she flew almost 24 hours earlier but still didn’t have her luggage. “Waste of very expensive business class tickets,” she comments.


Cue a rash of supportive emails, advice, and others dissing Aer Lingus for luggage-losing crimes. Cue also many comments riffing on the airline’s slightly unfortunate name (“Not very cunning of them”).

There were also warnings that she should make sure nothing has been planted in her bags when they are returned, in light of the arrest of her lawyer Michael Avenatti.

Aer Lingus almost immediately tweeted Stormy Daniels back, asking her to DM details so they could check up on the bags. Later, Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) tweeted that Aer Lingus was on the case.

And sure enough, Aer Lingus has confirmed that Stormy Daniels’ luggage was returned to her earlier on Thursday: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

So all’s well that ends well. Daniels later tweeted her thanks to “whoever runs the @AerLingus twitter account” for “saving the day”.

It turned out Daniels – smart, funny, impressive and not to be tangled with – was not intending to make an appearance in Ireland.Instead, she was due to give a speech at the Oxford Union in the English university city on Thursday at 5pm. In her talk, “Sex, Guns & Other Fluff: How Porn Can Set You Free”, she planned to argue that stigmatising the adult industry and people who work in it is bad for society.

But what I still want to know is: what kind of route planning brought Stormy Daniels from the US to the middle of Oxfordshire via an Aer Lingus flight?

Deirdre Falvey

Deirdre Falvey

Deirdre Falvey is a features and arts writer at The Irish Times