Kia reveals a new generation of Ceed hatchback

Not only is the silly apostrophe gone but the styling has radically improved - and there’s rumours of crossover versions on the way


Seeking to steal some of the limelight from the launch of its sibling Hyundai’s flagship Santa Fe, Kia has published an artist’s impression of the new Ceed hatchback, which will be officially unveiled in the metal at next month’s Geneva Motor show.

The new hatchback will be shown in two variants and there are reports of serious consideration of crossover variants on the way. The car was designed with Europe in mind, at the brand’s design centre in Frankfurt, Germany. According to the firm, most of the key styling cues are coming from the firm’s recently launched Stinger saloon.

While styling has always been a strong point for the Kia brand, much of the focus on the new model will be on what it’s like on the road. In the past steering feel, ride and handling have not been on a par with European rivals. However, several raids of BMW staff are starting to bear fruit. At the end of 2014 the firm hired the former BMW vice president of engineering at the German’s high performance M Division. His handiwork is evident in the improved dynamics of the new Stinger.

The Ceed has also been engineered with a focus on European roads, and the firm has worked on the car’s development at its testing centre on the famed Nurburgring track in Germany.

The new Kia Ceed is expected to go on sale in time for 182 registrations.