7: Audi e-Tron quattro – All-electric but reassuringly Audi

Top cars for 2020: e-Tron boasts subtle styling and a gorgeously assembled cabin


Audi’s electric SUV plays a difficult hand in that it’s about the same size as a Q5 but weighs as much as a fully-loaded Q7, and costs €91,750. That’s a big chunk of change for a medium-build SUV, but there are extenuating circumstances.

The first is that it’s all-electric. There’s a big 90kWh battery under the floor, and an electric motor at each end, giving the e-Tron 370hp and long electric range. Audi claims 391km and the realistic range is about 360km.

Now, the e-Tron is sufficiently efficient that it’ll tackle long motorway runs without much sweat but with that massive battery you’ll need one of the latest-generation high-output fast chargers if you want to give it a meaningful quick top up.

The rest of the e-Tron is reassuringly Audi - subtle styling (it looks better still with the optional camera door ‘mirrors’), gorgeous, and gorgeously assembled, cabin, great comfort, and near-total refinement. If it weren’t so expensive, we’d love it even more. Just as well there’s a lower-power, lower-range, lower-price version coming soon, then.

Best model: e-Tron 55 275kW for €91,750.

Price range: €91,750. Finance from €906 per month.

Electric range: 391km.

Sum up: Electric bottom, Audi on top.