18: Lexus UX – The stylish option in the small crossover segment

Top cars for 2020: Surprisingly good to drive with an engaging chassis


Lexus’s small SUV is built on the same platform and component set as the Toyota Corolla and RAV4, but where as those go for space, the Lexus goes for style.

And quite successfully so, too. In fact, in spite of the UX’s relatively compact shape, this might just be the best execution yet of the ‘Big Grille’ style that the Japanese luxury brand has been pursuing of late. Whereas many competitors look rather big and bland, the UX looks taut and purposeful, and really nice.

That goes for the cabin too, which has the sort of quality, fit, and finish we’ve come to expect from Lexus (which is to say; exceptional) but it is a little tight on space in the back and the boot. Families will fit in, just about, but it’ll be a squeeze if you have four-up and luggage.

Then again, small crossovers such as these are usually more about pose than practicality… It uses the 2.5-litre hybrid engine from the RAV4 and the Lexus ES to good effect too - refinement is exceptional, and economy is diesel-like. It’s good to drive too, with chatty steering and a well-balanced chassis.

Best model: UX250h Luxury for €44,950

Price range: €40,200 to €46,395. Finance from €328 per month.

Co2 emissions: 120 to 126g/km

Sum up: Style and substance in a small package