35: BMW i3 – ageing but we still love this future collector’s car

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It may be ageing now but the BMW i3 continues to be rather hugely appealing. It’s not cheap, considering that it is a very small car with not much more interior space than an average supermini - but it is deeply intriguing.

From that carbon-fibre chassis (genuine supercar stuff, that) to the oddball doors (the back doors are rear-hinged) to the gorgeous interior (get it with the pale wood and it’s like being in a Scandinavian hotel) the i3 still has the power to delight. Thankfully these days it also has the power to get you places.

The latest big-battery version can now much more easily tackle long motorway hauls, and performance continues to be impressively fleet (although there’s not much real difference between the standard car and the pricier i3S sports version). It does lack a fifth seat, and it lacks some of the newer driver aids and electronic add-ons, but this long into its life, the i3 continues to impress and beguile us.

Best model: i3 120ah for €36,649.

Price range: €36,649 to €39,935. Finance from €465 per month.

Electric range: 293km.

Sum up: Ageing design but still delightful.