10: Toyota Camry – Relaxing, refined and will out-live the Rock of Gibraltar

Top cars for 2020: A favourite of Irish taxi drivers makes a welcome return to these shores

That the big Toyota saloon was returning to Ireland should have been of interest only to taxi drivers and members of An Gardai Siochana. Thankfully, the finished article is a sufficiently impressive car that the rest of us ought to be interested too.

Yes, it’s a big, plain, four-door saloon. You can think of it either as an Avensis replacement with a price tag that’s a bit too high, or a Lexus ES300h at a €10,000 discount. We take issue with some of the interior fixtures and fittings but not with the Camry’s smoothness, refinement (aside from engine noise when pushed), impressive economy (it’s hybrid), comfort, space, and sheer, hefty, quality.

It's a supremely relaxing car to drive, because you get that imperturbable feeling that it's going to out-live the Rock of Gibraltar. It's even good fun when the road gets twisty. Not sports car fun, but more engaging than you might think. Engine noise can intrude on all that calm when you kick down on the throttle.

Best model: Camry Hybrid Platinum for €39,750.


Price range: €39,750 to €42,950. Finance from €311 per month.

Co2 emissions: 120 to 126g/km.

Sum up: Arrestingly good.