Secret art sale where €50 could buy a mini masterpiece

At Solomon’s Incognito buyers won’t know artists’ identity until after charity sale

Postcard size art at the Solomon Gallery, Dublin

Postcard size art at the Solomon Gallery, Dublin


Solomon Fine Art has announced the third Incognito charity art exhibition in what has become one of the country’s largest public art exhibition with more than 2,600 postcard-size artworks for sale.

Each original art piece will be sold for €50 on a first-come first-served basis.The twist is that buyers won’t know the identity of the artist until after they buy the piece and see the name on the back. Creators of the artworks include celebrated artists, promising art students and celebrity amateurs. Bono and Paul Costello have contributed pictures as have established artists including Mick O’Dea, Martin Mooney, Abigail O’Brien, Maser and Margaret Egan.

Proceeds for the sale go to the Jack & Jill Foundation and Incognito has raised €174,000 for the charity since its inauguration in 2017. The money is used to help nurse very sick children throughout the country.

Inspiration for the fundraiser came from the Secret Art Sale held every year at the Royal College of Art in London where works by Tracy Emin and Damian Hirst have sold.

The art can be viewed online and in the Solomon Gallery, Balfe St, Dublin from next Wednesday, April 3rd and Thursday, April 4th. Works will be sold starting from Friday at 10am with the sale continuing all weekend. Sales will be limited to three art works per person according to the Solomon Gallery. The initiative is heading to Cork with a second sale taking place in the Lavit Gallery, Wandesford Quay, Clarke’s Bridge, May 16th-18th. See