Get Active: Join a GAA club

You gain a community at the click of a finger, regardless of the level you’re playing at

Explain it to me: The biggest sporting and cultural organisation in the country. If you grew up in Ireland, at some point in your life you kicked a ball or swung a hurley. Picking up that thread again couldn't be simpler.

Where do I start: Depends on where you are. In rural Ireland, the local GAA club is usually inescapable. In the cities, find your nearest on by asking around or, if you're shy, check out the My Club section Most clubs have websites or at the very least a Facebook page with contact information.

Costs: Membership varies significantly from club to club, depending on location. Some village clubs ask for as little as €20 a year in playing subs. In Dublin, it could be anything up to €200. A serviceable pair of boots starts in the €65-ish price range but you can obviously spend anything upwards of €120 and beyond. The price of training gear is equally variable – the basics go for about €20 a pop but can mushroom depending on your long-term interest, with the addition of a hurley and a helmet if you're hurling.

Top tips: Throw yourself into it. GAA clubs are enormous fun. You gain a community at the click of a finger, regardless of the level you're playing at. It's the kind of thing you'll get sucked into for life, feeding your soul long after your body has called time on you.