Get active: Join a gym

The trick is to find something that you enjoy, and then find a gym – preferably near you


Explain it to me: We all know going to the gym is good for you, but we also know that it’s not somewhere any of us are rushing to. There is some good news: these days there are workout spaces to suit everyone; from gyms based on education, to all-female gyms, gyms that focus on mental and physical health and gyms that specialise in everything from yoga, to dance and weightlifting.

How to get started: The trick is to find something that you enjoy, and then find a gym (preferably near you) that provides that activity. If you start this way, you’ll be much more likely to return. A good gym will have all the machines necessary for a full body work-out. You should be able to work on cardiovascular fitness on the running machine, build muscle in the weight room, build endurance on the mats and attend a variety of classes.

Costs: More good news – going to the gym is not the financial strain it once was, with establishments providing monthly memberships for as little as €29. These places provide the bare bones in terms of equipment and facilities, so if you want something a little plusher, you’ll have to pay more.

Top tips: Test the gym you like the look of with a few day passes before you buy into any annual membership plans.

Don’t buy an expensive membership hoping that will ensure you go though, even with the best intention that plan never works.

Try building your weekly workout routine around classes, and book in advance to make sure you get a place. If you really want to make sure you go, ask a friend to book in too.

Invest in good gym gear to protect your modesty and provide you with that little bit more enthusiasm when you need it.