A simple baked monkfish dish to impress your friends

Kitchen Cabinet: A savoury, citrus stuffing makes this a dinner party dish with wow factor

Monkfish stuffed with spinach, preserved lemon, olives and Parmesan.

This monkfish dish reminds me of Ireland. It is a real family dish and I always enjoy cooking it. It is really easy and always a crowd-pleaser, particularly if you serve it as a whole fish and carve it at the table. The recipe works with any type of medium-size fish.
Killian Crowley was a chef at Aniar in Galway. After leaving Aniar he moved to Luxembourg where he runs SONAS, a consultancy company, dedicated to private dining and events.

Stuffed monkfish

Serves four

1 whole monkfish tail (or any medium-size fish)
100g spinach
40g preserved lemon (jars available from big supermarkets and gourmet stores)
40g pitted olives
20g Parmesan cheese
Olive oil
1 garlic clove



1 Clean the monkfish on the bone, or ask your fishmonger to do this for you. Remove the skin and the silver skin.

2 Season the fish with salt and roll it in clingfilm. Place in the fridge for three hours.

3 While the fish is being salted, prepare the stuffing. Sweat the spinach in olive oil with garlic. Add the diced preserved lemon and olives. Finish with the Parmesan then allow the stuffing to cool.

4 Remove the clingfilm from the fish. Slice along the bone to open the fish like an envelope; all the flesh should still be on the bone of the fish.

5 Put the stuffing in between the bones and the flesh. Tie up the fish with a string, like a roast.

6 Put it in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 12 minutes, then rest the fish for a minimum of five minutes before carving.

7 Use the juice from the fish as sauce.

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