What's it like to live in a properly cold climate?

Readers from Iceland to Japan share their experiences of getting through a long cold winter

As winter makes its presence felt in Ireland, we decided to ask our readers living in cooler climates what proper cold feels like. Dress appropriately, don’t stay outside too long, and embrace the season and enjoy it are among their suggestions for surviving winter where they are.

Sibeal Turraoin, Iceland: ‘I go to hot outdoor pools most days’

I’ve been in Iceland for the past 18 months and though it’s not as cold as other countries on the same latitude it can get pretty chilly. The coldest I’ve experienced has been -18 degrees, though it can be -30 or more in the highlands. The wind sometimes blows cars off the road and we joke about weekly hurricanes. Driving can be fun, but I’m used to it now and I use nailed tyres and carry emergency gear.

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