Irish abroad: How and where will you be spending Christmas?

We’re looking for readers to share their festive plans and stories with us

Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

Are you living overseas and staying there for Christmas this year? Or coming home to spend it with friends and family in Ireland? Irish Times Abroad is looking for readers to share their plans for the festive season with us.

How will you celebrate, and what will you miss most about home? Have you created your own Christmas traditions where you live? Have you already sent presents or cards to loved ones, and will you speak on Christmas Day?

We'll be publishing stories from readers in print and online over the next few weeks about Christmases at home and abroad. You can share your stories, plans and photographs using the form above, or by emailing Don't forget to tell us where you live, how long you have been there and what you do.

Thank you, and Happy Christmas!