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Your Morning Briefing: 13 arrested over protests outside the Dáil, child underwent spinal surgery 34 times

Up to 30 nursing homes may face criminal investigation over Covid deaths, the future of data centres in Ireland, and James Ryan on facing South Africa

Your Morning Briefing
Child with spina bifida required 34 operations at Temple Street, report finds

One of the children who underwent spinal surgery at Temple Street Children’s Hospital required 33 subsequents visits to the operating theatre, according to a new report.

The detail is contained in a review by experts from Boston Children’s Hospital into spinal surgeries at Temple Street, which has been published by Children’s Health Ireland (CHI).

CHI has also published the internal review it carried out into the service, where one consultant has been referred to the Medical Council.

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  • Thirteen arrests following protests outside Dáil as TDs safeguarded by gardaí: Gardaí arrested 13 people on Wednesday evening after intervening in protests outside Government Buildings during which TDs were harangued and jostled.
  • Miriam Lord: Forget gallows humour, this was a depressing day as dangerously emboldened thugs descended on the Dáil: “If you go out, you’re not goin’ back in, buddy.” Tough-guy words from a self-appointed bouncer policing a narrow gap in the steel barricades across the top of Kildare Street.
  • Garda nursing home inquiry could see up to 30 homes facing criminal investigation over Covid deaths: Up to 30 care homes could face criminal investigation depending on results of a Garda inquiry into the death of a woman in a residential home during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021.
  • Ireland’s weather today: Dry this morning with good sunny spells and a few isolated showers along Atlantic counties. Cloud will build from the northwest later as rain moves over Ulster and gradually moves south this afternoon. Further south it will stay mainly dry with good sunny spells. A little cooler today with highs of 13 to 16 degrees and a light west to northwest breeze.
  • Happening today: The Stardust inquests are set to hear from the former owner of the club, Eamon Butterly. Irish officials are attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

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  • The hidden ways our housing could be making us sick: Good housing policy also means good transport policy, good planning policy, good economic policy and good social policy. But in the drive for an ever increasing supply of new housing we have overlooked a key part of the discussion: good housing policy is also good health policy, writes Lorcan Sirr, senior lecturer in housing at the Technological University Dublin.

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  • Central Bank governor calls for Irish banks to pass on rate hikes to borrowers and savers: Central Bank of Ireland governor Gabriel Makhlouf wants to see “much faster pass-through” of central bank rate increases to Irish borrowers and savers, in order for commercial banks to play their role in the transmission of monetary policy to fight inflation.
  • Q&A: How sustainable is Ireland as a data centre hub?: Q: Why are there so many data centres in Ireland? A: While there is no official register tracking the number of data centres in Ireland, analysis by consulting company Bitpower has put the figure at 82 as of June 2023. A: 2019 report by Host in Ireland noted that Dublin is Europe’s largest data hosting cluster, accounting for a quarter of the entire European market.

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Letters to the Editor

Sir, – It is quite poor diplomatically and politically for our President to lambaste the UN while senior representatives of our Government are in attendance at the general assembly in New York.


That he as first citizen put himself at such direct odds with the Government, again, is simply not good enough. That he chose to do so while wearing wellies in a field in Laois launching the Ploughing Championships simply beggars belief.There are definitely credibility issues but much closer to home.

– Yours, etc,




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  • The Maverick by Thomas Harding: A Jewish exile who published Nazis and Nabokov: In an era of ever-consolidating publishing behemoths, the stories of the personalities who shaped the industry continue to captivate. Robert Gottlieb’s 2016 memoir, Avid Reader, covered his time running Simon & Schuster and Knopf; Tony Faber told the “untold story” of his family business in 2019.

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