Larry Gogan’s just-a-minute quiz: the answers that became part of Irish folklore

Hitler’s first name, the Taj Mahal, a bird with a long neck, and as happy as a...

Larry Name something you open other than a door
Caller Your bowels

Larry Name a jacket potato topping
Caller Jam

Larry What was Hitler's first name?
Caller Heil

Larry Where is the Taj Mahal?
Caller Opposite the dental hospital


Larry Name something that flies that doesn't have an engine
Caller A bicycle with wings

Larry Name an occupation where you might need a torch
Caller Burglar

Larry What is the capital of France?
Caller F

Larry Name a bird with a long neck
Caller Naomi Campbell

Larry Who would use a shuttlecock?
Caller An astronaut

And one that never actually happened but was part of Brendan Grace's comedy routine
Larry Complete the catchphrase "as happy as…"
Caller A pig in shit