Why is Copper Face Jacks so popular? ‘A one-eyed hunchback could score in this pub’

The ‘big, sweaty’ Dublin nightclub is successful because it ‘doesn’t have notions’

Paul Howard's 'Copper Face Jacks: The Musical' tells the story of Noeleen (Roseanna Purcell), a young Kerry woman who follows her dream of coming to Dublin to work in the VHI claims department.

If there was ever a Dublin club whose reputation precedes it, it’s Harcourt Street’s Copper Face Jacks. Even the Lonely Planet got wind of that idea that it’s a beloved haunt for off-duty nurses and policemen. “Don’t let the presence of the law put you off though,” read a recent edition of its Dublin guide. “From what we’ve heard, they’re the biggest miscreants of the lot, especially if there are nurses about!”(“A one-eyed hunchback could score in this pub,” surmised another online review).

For this and other reasons, Coppers has enjoyed pride of place in shows like Republic of Telly and Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope, but it was only a matter of time before someone thought to fully immortalise it in pop culture. Dubbed “West Side Story – With Carvery”, Copper Face Jacks: The Musical stars Johnny Ward, Michelle McGrath and Roseanna Purcell and has been created by writer/creator Paul Howard, also known for creating Ross O’Carroll Kelly.

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