Coda: Mouthmusic

Fri, Jul 4, 2014, 00:00




Independent Release


The West is wide awake and in full voice – or at least seven men from Mayo are. This confident, robust debut from Coda, an all-male a capella group, suggests a coalition of voices and personalities built not only on compatibility but on an appetite for diverse musical styles. Vocally, Coda trace a relatively safe route through material from Tom Waits, Robbie Burns, Mike Scott, Ewan McColl and Lennon and McCartney, as well some fine traditional song choices (Lord Franklin, Fionnghuala). What’s missing is an objective ear to steer the arrangements in more creative directions, as well as edit the indulgent additions. The closer, Mayo Home, an example of a judgement error born of an unhelpful proximity to the material. Mouthpiece is an impressive enough debut, but, as their catholic tastes suggest, Coda may be capable of much more risk-taking.