Michelle Visage: On My Culture Radar

TV personality on being vegan, Jason Byrne’s humour and her admiration for Julia Davis

Current favourite book?

I recently saw the miniseries Roots and I realised I hadn't read the book it was based on by Alex Haley. So I've just bought that and I'm looking forward to starting it.


It’s difficult to eat out as I’m vegan, but I love Mildred’s in London. It’s delicious. It’s a casual restaurant, and they have a Sri Lankan curry that’s so fresh and yummy. I get that all the time. It’s becoming easier to dine as a vegan; even Milano’s do a vegan gluten-free pizza.


It would be remiss not to say my fellow Ireland's Got Talent judge Jason Byrne. Most comics make me eye-roll because they do the same sort of thing but he's really quick and really funny. I like that he's not blue – he can be clean in his comedy and that's not easy to find. He can entertain all ages, and is so funny doing it. And that's not even a lie. I wouldn't give him a compliment if he didn't deserve it.


Because I'm in Everybody's Talking About Jamie in the West End, I haven't seen any others. But I highly suggest that. Old, young, gay, straight: everyone can relate to someone who's trying to be stopped from being themselves. That's why it hits home.



I love Marc Jacobs, and what Kim Jones is doing for Dior Homme. In the UK there’s a newer designer called Christian Cowan, he’s cutting-edge. I love his vision. For red-carpet gowns, Christian Siriano is one of my favourites.


I was raised in New York so that’s the greatest city in the world to me, but if you take that out of the equation, then London is my favourite city and I’m a huge fan of Dublin as well. Dublin is really fun, and Irish people are hilarious. I love the areas around George’s Street and Mary Street, and I can stay in Penneys for hours on end.


Rami Malek was incredible in Bohemian Rhapsody, it was like I was watching Freddie Mercury. Also I haven't been able to stop talking about Glenn Close's performance in The Wife, it's unbelievable. If you've not seen it, you need to see it. It's just a masterclass in acting, she doesn't need to do much, she doesn't go crazy.


I listen to a lot of podcasts about health and bettering yourself – the Jillian Michaels Show is really fun to listen to.


I think everybody should own an air fryer. My husband and kids aren’t vegan so I cook chicken, fish and fries with it, and it’s so easy and healthy. Everybody needs an air fryer.

Social media account

On Twitter, Cher (@cher) is fun because she speaks her mind, she's very anti-Trump and very pro-America, which makes me very happy, and she doesn't hold back. And she's Cher.

TV show

Even though Benidorm has finished, I would implore everyone to watch every episode from the beginning. And I love Sally4Ever. It's the new series from Julia Davis, who's my idol in the acting world. It's darker than ever, and quintessential Julia Davis.


I'm in the middle of Roma on Netflix so I can't wait to finish that. I love arty Spanish films so this is right up my street.

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