Coming Home by Michael McCaughan

Browser review: If you want to improve your Irish, this book is for you

Coming Home
Author: Michael McCaughan
ISBN-13: 978-0717171590
Publisher: Gill Books
Guideline Price: €14.99

If you've ever expressed an interest in improving your Irish or knowledge of the history of our language then this book should be on your bookshelf. Coming Home is part memoir, part history lesson and part instruction manual for speakers of all levels of Irish.

McCaughan discusses nearly all of the common problems an Irish learner faces, from “Gaelbores” (unhelpful Irish speakers) to time spent in the Gaeltacht.

Love for an Ghaeilge pours from his words and McCaughan’s extensive knowledge of Irish festivals, radio stations, music and literature is impressive and a pleasure to behold. His tone is accessible, his historical knowledge of the language commendable and although at times rather fact-heavy, he gets his point across with journalistic prowess – Irish is for everyone if we want it.

His book is encouraging and heartwarming, lamenting a time gone by yet deeply in tune with the current status of the language. Beir bua!


Mia Ní Challarain