Five artists shortlisted for Royal College of Surgeons award

Artworks selected from more than 500 works at the RHA Annual Exhibition

Five artists have been shortlisted for the 2019 Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI) Art Award. The artworks were selected from more than 500 works on show at the 189th Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) Annual Exhibition, a free public exhibition which has just opened and continues until August 10th.

A cultural highlight in Ireland, the RHA exhibition invites artists working in paint, drawing, print, sculpture, photography and architecture to offer work through open submission. The RCSIArt Award, in association with the RHA and The Irish Times, celebrates the connection between art, medicine and wellbeing.

The shortlisted artists for the RCSI Art Award 2019, some of whom have more than one artwork in the exhibition, are:

Taffina Flood – Breath to Air for J….. / Punch


Joy Gerrard – Protest Crowd (Women's Marches USA, Montpellier and Chicago, 2018)

Mary A Kelly – Add and subtract the marks, poke my fingers and even my head all the way through

Vera Klute – Eileen Gray/ Flesh and Blood V/Luke Kelly – portrait study

Jennifer Trouton – The Invisible Past

The winning artist receives a €5,000 prize, the RCSI silver medal and a commission worth €10,000 to produce a new work for the RCSI’s art collection. The shortlist was selected by a committee from RCSI, RHA and The Irish Times, and the winner will be announced in June.

RCSI chief executive Prof Cathal Kelly said: "RCSI strives to nurture an environment that encourages and inspires innovation in our students, researchers and trainees for the benefit of human health. Now in its fourth year, we are proud of our association with the RHA Annual Exhibition which continues to showcase inspiring artworks, evoking a sense of discovery, curiosity and wellbeing. We are delighted by the outstanding calibre of the artists selected by the committee for this year's shortlist."

Established in 2016 and running until 2020, the award celebrates the common heritage of RCSI and the RHA, and the long-standing association between art, medicine and wellbeing: “Medicine makes life possible, art makes it worthwhile.”