UK to invest in screening tech so passengers won’t have to take off shoes

Road Warrior: Carlson rebrands back to Radisson, Discounts on Cityjet flights


The Carlson Rezidor Hotel group are rebranding to their original name Radisson Group effective immediately. The Radisson hotels were a sign of the times when they opened nine properties in Ireland in the boom years. The hotels were famous for the lavish launch parties they threw. I counted nine helicopters on the lawn of the St. Helen's Hotel back in the day. The ninth hotel in Galway has recently been bought by MHL Ltd and is now name the Galmont Hotel.


Book before March 11th and there is 30 per cent discount on Cityjet flights to London City Airport. Use the promo code Marchon when making a booking.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released data for global air freight markets showing that demand, measured in freight tonne kilometers (FTKs), rose 8.0 per cent in January 2018 compared to the year-earlier period. This was up from the 5.8 per cent annual growth recorded in December 2017.

Freight capacity, measured in available freight tonne kilometres (AFTKs), rose by 4.2 per cent year-on-year in January 2018. The continued positive momentum in freight growth into 2018 reflects the fact that demand drivers for air cargo remain supportive.

Global demand for manufacturing exports is buoyant and meeting this strong demand is leading to longer supply chain delivery times. Demand for air cargo may strengthen as a result, with companies seeking faster delivery times to make up for longer production times. With 8 per cent growth in January it is a sign of good times ahead.


The UK Government is going to invest to help develop technology to screen passengers without taking off shoes and jackets in airports. Getting through airports has slowed down significantly in recent years and causes at least five per cent of passengers to miss flights. The Department for Transport has awarded a total of £1.8 million in eight projects designed to ensure shorter queues and better screening at airports.

Security Screening Technologies is working on a step-on shoe scanner which can rapidly form high-contrast images of footwear, meaning that ultimately passengers would no longer need to remove their shoes before going through screening gates. Each project team has been given 12 months to develop technology for trials at airports.