Verified Twitter users get their own dating app

Web Log: Blue app provides a safe dating community, says firm behind new platform

Blue is a new dating app designed to cash in on Twitter’s verified accounts. It is “a premium version of Loveflutter exclusive to Twitter’s verified, blue tick community,” says the company.

Verified accounts are displayed with a white tick on a blue background so technically this “exclusive” dating app should be called White but that might send the wrong message.


Loveflutter says the idea is to provide a safe dating community because verified accounts are only granted after the user provides government-issued ID. Only about 0.05 per cent of Twitter, or about 270,000 accounts globally, have the “blue” tick but getting a verified account is not as difficult as it once was – journalists, vloggers, politicians, anyone in the public eye, can apply.

Right now, Blue is rolling out in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo and will activate in further cities when at least 1,000 verified members there are using the app.