Pop culture analysis with Meet Your Maker podcast

Liam Geraghty meets the movers and shakers of cultural landscape in new series

Liam Geraghty: host of new podcast series  Meet Your Maker

Liam Geraghty: host of new podcast series Meet Your Maker


Liam Geraghty is an Irish podcaster turned radio reporter turned podcaster so he is an old hand at finely crafted audio artefacts. Before working for RTÉ, which he still does, Geraghty made the award-winning The Comic Cast podcast for six years. He now returns to the field with a new behind-the-scenes pop culture offering: Meet Your Maker.

As he describes it, Meet Your Maker is a place to “meet the makers, creators, composers, authors and builders of the cultural landscape” and the first series promises encounters with board game designers, video game music composers, city architects, animators and more.

With a natural knack for storytelling, Geraghty kicks off with an inaugural episode interviewing Dan Walsh, the man behind Garfield Minus Garfield, the comic strip that strips Garfield of Garfield. Remember Garfield’s owner Jon Arbuckle? It turns out that once you remove his lasagne-loving cat, you’re often left with existential angst.

“What was Garfield saying that took the edge off [a comic strip written] for kids,” says Walsh.