Orreco partners with Kinduct on projects to help elite athletes

Companies will integrate data to help clients optimise performance and recovery

Irish sports tech company Orreco has joined forces with North American athlete management system Kinduct to develop products aimed at elite sports organisations, leagues, teams and athletes.

The Galway-based company will integrate information with Kinduct’s data on gathered from elite athletes that work with both companies, including metabolic information, analysis from medical experts, and kinematic, performance and subjective data from athletes and coaches.

Orreco chief executive Dr Brian Moore welcomed the collaboration. "Our mission is to help the clients we serve make even better data driven decisions," he said. "This collaborative product offering is a compelling package that can help Orreco and Kinduct's clients to optimise athletes performance, accelerate their recovery and prolong their careers."

Nova Scotia based Kinduct said the partnership would be "industry changing".


“Kinduct strongly believes in partnerships that augment both company’s offerings and most importantly improve the experience for our athletes, teams and organisations that we serve,” said Travis McDonough, Kinduct chief executive. “The Kinduct-Orreco alliance is a perfect example of this and is without question an industry changing partnership that will help transform outcomes in the human performance market.”

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist