Irish businesses issued with post-Brexit data storage advice

Government says firms with UK exposure must have sufficient protections in place

The Government has issued Brexit advice to Irish businesses that may be storing personal data in the UK or in a UK-based cloud service.

Companies “need to ensure that sufficient protections are in place” so that they can continue to transfer personal data after Brexit, it said.

This includes transfers such as mailing lists if companies have UK-based clients or employee data if they use a UK-based payroll firm. It also includes data storage and website hosting where this involves personal data.

The Government says it is working with its partners in the European Union to ensure sufficient protections are in place after Brexit.


Data protection and commercial transfers of personal data are regulated at EU level through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and there is a range of measures that enable transfers to and from third countries.

“All companies are advised to review their existing processes and contracts to assess whether they involve data transfers to the UK,” the Government said.

It directed affected businesses to and