New wacky sci-fi future justifies cost of YouTube Premium

Web Log: Jordan Peele’s Weird City is one of best YouTube Original series

We all use YouTube (what's life without Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?) but is it worth considering an upgrade to YouTube Premium? As with most services, there's a free trial but at €11.99 per month it is a bit pricey, however there are a few good reasons to consider.

First off, there are no more ads. Secondly, it continues to play in the background when you switch to another app. Those who use YouTube as a streaming music service will appreciate this – no more draining your phone battery by leaving video on screen when you only want to listen anyway.

Surreal humour

Another good reason is YouTube Originals. These shows are a mixed bag but one of the best is Weird City, an upside-down version of Black Mirror co-created by Jordan Peele, the genius who won an Oscar for Get Out (and he's behind the Twilight Zone reboot). Weird City blends science fiction tropes, kitschy pop culture, Twilight Zone-esque stories, and surreal humour to create . . . well, you have to watch to see it.