Garmin Descent Mk2S dive watch: A lot going on below the surface

This smart watch is built for underwater, and is also stylish enough for everyday wear



Garmin’s newest watch is built for both underwater and out of it. The Descent Mk2S is the company’s smallest watch-style dive computer, designed to be subtle enough and fashionable enough to wear every day.

The Mk2S has a 1.2 inch sapphire display that is readable in sunlight, with a 43mm case and the ability to swap out bands for something more stylish.

Its smaller size means it’s more suitable for people with smaller wrists, while still providing a fully featured dive computer. It supports multiple dive modes for single and multiple gas dives, gauge, apnea, apnea hunt and closed-circuit rebreather.

It will also mark entry points to the water, and exit points, using multi-GNSS satellite support and has an underwater 3-axis compass. The watch will store and review dive data for up to 200 dives on the watch too, or transfer it to the app.

In smartwatch mode, you’ll get a week of battery life, with 30 hours in dive mode.