Wireless earbuds that will not fall out

Huawei’s FreeLace Pro gives you noise cancellation, control and peace of mind

Huawei’s FreeLace Pro: Built-in charger gives you 16 hours out of a full charge with noise cancelling.

Product name: Huawei Freelace Pro

Price: €119.0

Where to buy: consumer.huawei.com

Website: consumer.huawei.com

Thu, May 20, 2021, 05:34


Huawei Freelace Pro (€119)

Wireless earbuds are great, but the individual buds aren’t for everyone. They’re easier to lose, especially if you’re exercising, and expensive to replace. When Apple released its AirPods, it was quickly followed by third-party accessories that would turn them from individual buds to a loop: if one fell, the other would save it. Huawei’s FreeLace Pro does just that, but builds some controls into the loop.

It has active noise cancelling too, to block out the outside world, or awareness mode when you really need to let things in. You’ll get 16 hours out of a full charge with noise cancelling switched on, and 24 without, plus the charger is built-in.