Fujitsu looks to enliven shopping experience with new retail tech centre

A study from Fujitsu shows most in-store technology leaves shoppers exasperated


Fujitsu Ireland has set up a new centre in Dublin to show retailers how technology can be used to create a better shopping experience for customers while also aiding productivity, improving stock control, and cutting costs.

The experimental centre, which is based at Fujitsu’s headquarters in Swords, aims to provide an insight into how tech can make shopping a more enjoyable event with virtual in-store queue management, facial recognition technology and digitised “connected” fittingrooms that can suggest other outfits and send an alert to shop assistants to bring alternative sizes, colours and so on.


The live showcase of 13 new technologies includes hands-on demonstrations of Fujitsu’s TP8 all-in-one point of sale platform, as well as integrated audience measurement analytics and reporting systems that help boost in-store sales by providing insights into the levels of audience engagement. A 3D virtual tour of the new centre has bee posted on the company’s Irish website,