Dyson’s Lightcycle a heavy hitter for smart options

Tech tools: New Task Light even minimises the impact of artificial light on your body


How smart is your home lighting? Does it react to the daylight around you? Does it use an algorithm to make sure it is mimicking daylight in an effort to minimise the impact of artificial light on your body? Would it take into account your age and make any necessary adjustments to the amount of light it deems you need?

The Dyson Lightcycle Task Light does. It is another step in the development of Jake Dyson’s Task Light, and comes with a few preset modes you can use: brighter for studying, when you need concentration; warmer light when you want to relax; or boost when you need brighter light for a short period of time. All for the bargain price of €799 (yes, you read that right).

From €799, dyson.ie