Canon G1 X Mark III boasts DSLR quality in a compact camera

Tech Tools: Weather-sealed design makes camera well suited for Ireland’s weather

The problem with digital SLRs is that they’re so bulky, they’re not something you can throw in your pocket – or even a small bag – and forget about until you need them.

So something like the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III, with its combination of DSLR quality in a compact camera, is a more realistic option for those times when the camera on your phone just won’t cut it.

It has a 3x optical lens and Canon’s premium DIGIC 7 processor, with a wide ISO range and a f2.8 aperture to help with shooting in a range of lighting conditions.

It will also handle Irish weather with ease; Canon has weather sealed the camera, so you won’t be heading for shelter at the first sign of an unexpected rain shower.


It also comes with built-in wifi and Bluetooth for easy transferring of photos and can be recharged on the go through a USB battery pack.

Priced €1,399,