Aiding the eternal quest for a good night’s sleep

Tech Tools: Dreem headband acts on your brain to enhance your sleep


Dreem headband

If you’ve ever suffered from sleep problems, you know how much it can affect your daily life. There are plenty of tech products already that claim to help improve your quality of sleep, and Dreem is the latest band to join the list.

The band monitors brain activity and uses sounds and words at the right moment to help improve sleep. It’s something called “pink noise” ( yes that was new to us too) and the Dreem band uses bone conduction to get those sounds to the sleeping wearer – in other words, it won’t disturb anyone else in the room.

The band itself, while it doesn’t exactly blend in, isn’t the ugliest thing in the world and uses flexible fabric so it won’t defeat its own purpose and make you too uncomfortable to sleep.