Cut down on your battery waste with Batteroo

Tech Tools: Micro-thin sleeve fits over batteries and taps into the last remaining power

How many sets of batteries do you go through in your house each month? Between children’s toys and other devices, it can add up, and recharging batteries takes time and organisation.

To help you drain the last of the power from your batteries, making them last up to six times longer, there’s Batteroo. It’s a micro-thin sleeve that fits over your batteries, from AAA and AA to C and D cells, and taps into the last remaining power.

It’s so thin that it fits into most battery compartments, and the sleeve is reusable, meaning you use fewer batteries over time. Fewer batteries means less of an impact on the environment and less money from your pocket.

Batteroo comes in a pack of four, priced $10, for each battery type though the C and D types are $20 per pack.