One More Thing: Radio Kerry to PR man: You’re hired!

Brian Purcell, a long-time associate of Bill Cullen's who was his sidekick in the TV3 business show the Apprentice, is bringing it all back home.

Purcell, a PR man who left Insight Consultants about 18 months ago to set up Big Picture Communications, has jumped the fence from public relations into radio presenting in his native Kingdom.

Okay, maybe he’s straddling the fence. Purcell is the new presenter of Radio Kerry’s Full Breakfast morning show, and is combining this with his work for Big Picture Communications.

Doesn’t that make it a pretty long day? Purcell starts work at about 6am for a two-hour airtime slot beginning at 7am. Then he heads off to a nearby office for about 9.30am to start working for his corporate clients, who include the Irish Greyhound Board, parts of the DCC conglomerate, and the Gibson hotel, run by the Choice hotel group.


“I hit the stairs at 9.30pm each night. It’s bloody tiring alright,” he said.

Anybody who has even glanced the Irish Apprentice, or has ever dealt with Purcell professionally, will know he is rarely ever short of a few words. A talk show is right up his alley.

“I was raised in a pub where you had to talk for your supper,” he said.

He still keeps close links with Cullen, who no doubt will re-emerge at some point with another business venture. Cullen's partner, Jackie Lavin, also happens to be Purcell's aunt.