IBRC problems in India, a lack of women on Irish boards, and Pendulum’s profits

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India's financial crime agency has seized control of Q City, an estimated $80 million office park in Hyderabad formerly owned by thefamily of Sean Quinn, from State-controlled IBRC. Mark Paul has the details

At least a dozen companies trading on the Euronext Dublin are set to fall short of a Government-backed target for there to be no all-male boards among listed companies by the end of 2019. Laura Slattery reports.

Frankie Sheahan's Pendulum business empowerment conference swung back into profit in 2018, with a 50 per cent rise in its profits to almost €1 million. Mark Paul has the details

In his weekly column, Chris Johns looks at the implications of the current lower for longer interest rate environment and ponders if we might be heading towards negative mortgage interest rates.

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