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Kathleen Lynn was born on January 28th, 1874, in Mullafarry, near Cong in Co Mayo, the second oldest of three daughters and one son of Robert Lynn, Ch(...)

Yes vote supporters celebrate  the results of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment  at Dublin Castle in May. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

One hundred years after women over the age of 30 voted in Ireland for the first time, it was women under 30 who turned out in landmark numbers to repe(...)

Protest meeting in 1918 in Ballaghaderreen, Co Roscommon, against conscription in Ireland. In April that year,  Lloyd George’s government had given itself the power to extend conscription to Ireland. Photograph: Photo12/UIG/Getty Images

Such is the drama of violence that it is easy to forget that the most important moment in the creation of an independent Irish State was a democratic (...)

Researchers at Queens University Belfast have challenged the assumption that women voted en masse for Eamon de Valera’s Sinn Féin over a party which sought to deny them the franchise. Photograph: General Photographic Agency/Getty Images

For the last 100 years, it has been widely assumed that a massive extension of the franchise was one of the contributing factors in Sinn Féin’s landsl(...)

Eavan Boland recites poem at UN to celebrate 100 years of Irish women’s suffrage 4:39

An event has been held at the UN headquarters in New York where a poem by Eavan Boland entitled ‘Our Future Will Become the Past of Other Women’ was l(...)

Eavan Boland reading  a  poem  commissioned by the Royal Irish Academy and Ireland’s permanent mission to the United Nations to mark the centenary.

Women still do not enjoy full suffrage around the world despite huge advances in female voting rights over the last century, Minister for Children Kat(...)

Mrs Humphry Ward from 'The Critic: An Illustrated Monthly Review of Literature, Art and Life'
Opponents of the cause

IN 1867 THE ALL-MALE House of Commons at Westminster rejected John Stuart Mill’s amendment to the Franchise Reform Bill to allow women the vote on th(...)

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