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Keeping older and sick people “cocooned” for a fortnight will reduce the number of them needing ICU beds. Photograph: Getty Images

The best explanation to understand how Covid-19 threatens the State’s ability to offer an intensive care bed to the seriously ill is the riddle of the(...)

Thomas Strong: ‘It remains the case that there’s a certain kind of fearfulness and a certain kind of stigma associated with being HIV positive’

Recently, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar attended the first HIV Ireland Red Ball and, in his speech, described HIV as “one of the most stigmatised medical(...)

People with the group Act Up Dublin  calling on the Government and stakeholders to address the HIV crisis on the eve of World Aids Day last November. Chemsex activity increases the risk of sexual infection.  Photograph: Eric Luke

Sex and drugs have long since been connected. The two are mostly combined by heterosexual people, and the majority of those taking drugs to enhance th(...)

In its earliest stages, HIV infection can be relatively silent – without testing for it, you wouldn’t know for sure it is there. But if a perso(...)

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